As a child, Alexa was naturally, innately intuitive and empathic: perhaps not surprisingly for a certain talent for clairvoyance, though seldom discussed, seemed to run in her family. Growing up on a small farm in western Washington state, much of her time and attention was devoted to the animals in her menagerie, although in high school she was president of the drama club, and represented the school as a "princess" in the annual Lakefair Festival. She also volunteered as a "candy-striper” at an Olympia hospital.

     Upon graduation, Alexa studied theatre at Western Washington University, and at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. She went on to act in various stage productions and in several films. earning her membership in the Screen Actors Guild. Deepening her love of the arts, she went on to study art history at Seattle Central Community College.

     During a lengthy convalescence from a skiing accident at 18, her native psychic abilities became increasingly pronounced to the degree that she could no longer ignore them. After college, she increasingly focused on metaphysical subjects, honing her innate abilities to insightfully interpret information uncannily provided by the Tarot cards. In her twenties, she was hired as resident Tarot reader at the Pink Door cabaret in Seattle, where she met for the first time clients who still today turn to her for guidance and advice. For thirty years now, she has aided clients in navigating life's changes, opportunities, and transitions.

     More recently, Alexa has become a Pilates and yoga instructor as well, supporting those who wish to connect more gracefully and vigorously to their physical bodies.

     In her spare time, Alexa enjoys travel, writing, painting, cooking and animal advocacy. She resides in La Conner, Washington with her novelist husband of 31 years, and their silly puppies, Taffy & Tulip.