For most of her life, Alexa has had a great affection for movement. As a child, she rode horseback and loved to dance, later studying movement-based theater in college. When, in her forties, she commenced experiencing severe pain as a result of a bad skiing accident she had suffered in her teens, and finding scant relief from more traditional pain-manangement prescriptions, she enrolled in Pilates classes. Pilates allowed her to heal, and regain physical strength. The success inspired her to study further, eventually becoming a Balanced Body Pilates instructor

     Recently, Alexa undertook training in Anusara yoga, as well, and has been certified by both the Bo Forbes Yoga for Emotional Balance and Jory Serota's Applied Yoga integration programs. Alexa now supports students in cultivating physical strength and flexibility, as well as finding pathways to embodied wisdom. Primarily, Alexa teaches classes and workshops in functional movement for mature adults.